Muscle Building Diet (NAVRATRI)


Navratri is Hindu festival celebrated twice a year. This festival spans nine nights. In this festival goddess durga is worshiped all over the country in different ways. For nine days you get a choice for fasting & to make your mind & soul pure again. Decorations, lights & celebration all over the country. Celebrations of victory of good over evil. Navratri gives us chance to make our body clean & pure once again so that we can start everything all over with calm mind.


Now this is something for which you won't get answers that easily. The navratri muscle building diet. I know many of you must be thinking that there is not much to consume in navratri so what foods include my diet plan? Well there are still many things to consume in navratri while fasting. If you are not fasting than it is not going to be a problem but for those who are fasting there are still many foods you can consume & maintain your fitness level, muscle mass, or your leans muscle mass. Just remember one thing that whatever you consume or not but drink water as much as you can. Water will make you hydrate & will help you in maintaining your muscle mass. As your skin itself contains 64% of water.


Navratri is one way to make your body pure & clean. People who are fitness enthusiast & are having serious goals like muscle building have to consume lot of protein, carbohydrates, fats, other nutrients through diet, supplementation etc... While consuming all those meat products for proteins & carbohydrates navratri on other hands gives us chance to clean our body internally, mentally in those 9 days. This is most important of navratri festival. It makes our body clean internally. Clean from proteins & supplements. Many of you must not be knowing that while fasting when you feel the hunger, that hunger also kills toxins present in our body. When toxins are flushed out of our body the cells are restored in our body. This whole process helps in making the mind, body & soul connection in much purer way.

It is also said that when you are fasting, you get hungry, toxins from your body flushed, your body becomes pure & hence your prayers becomes more authentic & meaningful to the lord. So yes navratri festival is just not about leaving NON-VEGETARIAN food but its a chance to make your body pure all the way from inside & lets flush your toxins out. Even if you are not fasting but refusing to eat all meat products that will also help in purifying your body & soul in a particular way because your are technically vegetarian for 9 days, which is a lot time to get all toxins flush out from your body.

First of all, this diet plan is for those who does eat navratri food in this festival. So, very simple food that almost everyone can consume in navratri & it is available in every grocery/supermarket. If you are having fast than it is very much difficult to get the protein specially from supplements. As you know all these kind of nutrient sources are prohibited in your fast. But, if you are not fasting than supplements are really good source of protein & other nutrients. Supplements saves time & gives you what you want in just a scoop or two. So if your building muscle & also fasting than this diet plan below will surely help you in maintaining your muscle mass & your strength. Off course there is no way to make gains or gain muscle mass while fasting, but yes you can maintain your calorie intake & all the muscle mass that you have.


Now after eating all the navratri diet food the second most important question is "WHAT TO DO IN WORKOUT"? To answer that first understand what is your goal. If your goal is fitness than just normal workouts with light weights & some cardio is great. If your goal is fat loss than definitely more of cardio & less of strength training plus if you are loosing fat than i would highly recommend to not follow my "MUSCLE BUILDING DIET FOR NAVRATRI" as this diet is specially for muscle building & not for fat loss. If your goal is muscle building than your routine should be working out with light weight. As you are fasting so the most important work should be of maintaining your muscle mass & strength. That's what we have to do while working out. All you need to do is just hit your muscle with light weight so that the blood flow in your veins & your muscles gets going. Now don't try to lift heavy or do any hardcore workout because that will just increase your calorie burn & you will loose your muscle mass as you are fasting & ain't getting much protein to build muscle. So the key to not loose your gains & just maintain your muscle mass through navratri i would suggest to follow my diet plan & light weight workout. Do remember one thing that if you are building muscle or maintaining your muscle mass than there is no need to do any cardiovascular activity. Like i said just do light weight workout with less exercises so that you may not overuse your muscle & calories. In navratri you need to eat all you can get but you definitely need to workout in very calculated way, so that no extra calorie should burn in waste. You have to consume your calories & energy for your workout routine.


After the navratri festival when you walk into gym you will feel great energy & better motivation to workout. It's like you gave your body some days rest to perform even better. I am pretty much sure that after navratri when you will start your workout routine you will see some great changes in your physique in upcoming days, just because you relaxed your body, your muscles, your soul, your mind.

This is just basic diet plan that can be followed by everyone in navratri festival but if you want customized diet plan according to your schedule & workout routine than contact me It might take 24 to 48 hours to deliver your customized navratri diet to you.


- A glass of milk with crushed 5 to 6 almonds

- A bowl of dry fruits

- Bananas


- Aloo ki kadi

- Vrat ke chawal ka pulav

- Sookhi arbi

- Sabudana khichdi


- Kuttu ke aate ki chapati


- Fruits (Specially banana)

- Roasted makhana


- Fruits & vegetables

- Paneer

- Coconut water


- Legumes & pulses

- Singhare atte ka halwa

- Shakarkandi chaat OR roasted

- Sabudana kheer




- Coconut water with lemon & honey.

* If you want customized diet plan according to your schedule & work routine than contact me (YOUR DIET WILL BE PROVIDED WITHIN 48 HOURS).




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